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Terradex’s proprietary technology continuously maps and monitors cleanup remedies, alerts parties of any land use risks, and delivers a long-term reliable strategy for protecting individuals, communities, and the environment. We are constantly innovating to ensure our products meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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Why Choose Terradex

A Unique Problem

A need exists to monitor activity on and around contaminated sites and other sensitive lands.

Innovative, Integrated Solutions

Our proprietary web technologies continuously monitor for new land uses, give notice of unsafe activity, and integrate effortlessly into our clients’ risk management workflows.

Proven Success

For nearly twenty years, large companies and government agencies have used our technology to minimize risk, prioritize safety, and ensure compliance with property use restrictions.

Domain Expertise

Our experts tailor our technology solutions to fit specific client needs while also driving us forward to constantly update our applications to meet the evolving needs of site stewardship.

Who We Serve


Industrial clients face compliance and liability challenges when residuals persist onsite or offsite after a cleanup.

The impacted area can be one acre to 20,000 acres and may be located in an urban or rural setting. Terradex adapts LandWatch for one site or a portfolio of sites.

Utilities face the same challenges as our industrial clients but have the additional risk of sending field crews to sites where they can encounter contamination left by others.

LandWatch is an indispensable tool for controlling contact with persistent residuals from former manufactured gas plants and other legacy sites. As part of a preconstruction screen, WhatsDown informs environmental and safety operations in the office or field about the utility’s own residuals and contamination from other sources.

State environmental agencies are charged with enforcing compliance of and facilitating public communication about contaminated sites or properties encumbered with land use controls.

The agencies have portfolios of hundreds or thousands of sites, and DigClean is a compliance tool that scales to the agency’s challenges.

Telling the Terradex Story

Situational Awareness: Connecting Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Performance to Long-Term Stewardship

On a recent sales call to a prospective client, the client was focused on one of the use-case slides in our presentation. “Your Terradex platform would bring situational awareness to our business.” As an environmental director for the corporation, he felt a strong responsibility to be...

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Terradex at 20: Keeping the Startup Feeling in Pursuit of Long-Term Stewardship

Can Terradex still be a startup after 20 years? That is the question I ask myself as I reflect on this milestone. A startup is a fast, bumpy, innovative ride to converge on the model, market, revenue, and profit, and is very much the norm in Silicon Valley....

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